Picsart Real CB Editing Full Tutorial + light room retouching | Picsart New Style photo editing

Picsart Real CB Editing Full Tutorial + light room retouching | Picsart New Style photo editing


▶Firstly Open Picsart App Then click on the plus icon 

▶New Interface will appear on your Screen then select the photo which you want to edit 

▶Now You will see different types of tools and options which helps you in photo editing 

▶Select the tools option if you to want to edit Face Ex - Face Clean , Face Smooth,  Face Highlights

▶After This If You Want To Change Background Of Photo Then Select The Cutout Option 

▶Select the border area of photo by using brush 

▶After Selecting Click on the Arrow which is in Corner side 

▶Your Cutout get Ready If You See Any mistakes in cutout then you can correct them by using brush tool,  invert tool and eraser tool 

▶In Next Step Choose The Background For your Cutout Photo and click on the add option and select the cutout png of model 

▶Adjust Photo according to background size then click on the save button 

▶So finally your background changed 

▶I hope you enjoyed this information about Picsart 


Guys If You Want To Download Full HD Background Then Click on the read download button which given below.  I give different backgrounds for photo editing And If You want to see amazing photo editing tutorials visit to my channel which named Deepanshu Editz 

Guys if you are editor or do photo
editing.Then you will heared the name of
vijay mahar.  who is one of the Indian professional editor

Download Vijay Majar Backgrounds 

How To Download All Background & PNGs

📌 Firstly Scroll Down The Page 

📌 After This You Will See the Download Button 

📌 In Next Step Click on Download Button 

📌 New Interface Will Appear 

📌 Finally Your Background are opened 

📌 Download all backgrounds and enjoy it 


You can use these backgrounds for photo editing but if you want to use these backgrounds in your YouTube channel or website. It is necessary to give credit to me mention my website in your YouTube channel description. If you don't give me credit then I will nothing to do 😀 Use these backgrounds everywhere it's your choice to give credit or not 

Download Background Link ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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