Picsart Alone Photo Editing | New Instagram Viral Photo Editing By Deepanshu Editz

Picsart Alone Photo Editing | New Instagram Viral Photo Editing By Deepanshu Editz

Hello what's up guys welcome back to another photo editing concept. In this concept we do picsart alone boy photo editing which is trending in instagram and If You Want Full Tutorial Then Scroll down the page After this you will see the blue link then click on the link after this you will be redirected to tutorial video & I provide all backgrounds and pngs 


▶Best Mobile Phone With 4GB Ram,  64 Internal Memory 

▶Use Only DSLR Camera Clicked Photos 

▶If You Want To Do Photo Editing in PC. Then it is necessary to you have best PC with 6 gb ram and i5-i7 Intel core needed 

▶ Use Only Paid Softwares don't use crack version 


▶ These Backgrounds are premium and free of cost 

▶ With Full HD Quality 

▶ Different Types Of Backgrounds Available 

▶ Easy To Download 


These background are easy to use and you can easily use in many apps like picsart, snapseed, autodesk sketchbook etc.  But In my opinion Snapseed is the best app for these backgrounds because in the picsart if you use these backgrounds then You will lost quality of background and Your Photo Becomes dull and bad. So it is necessary to use best app for photo editing. Picsart is most popular and perfect app for editing but in some conditions it is not good like it decreases photos quality so I recommend snapseed and autodesk 

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Follow these steps for snapseed editing 

1) Firstly open the snapseed app then click on the plus icon 

2) Now you will see different types of tools and options

3) Select any tool like curves, adjustment, Shadows. These tools helps you in photo editing 


Tune Image - These Tool contain different Types of option Like Shadows,  Ambiance,  Brightness And Contrast Which helps in Colour Correction of Photo 

Details - These Tool helps you to increase the details of image and make pic better without loosing any quality 

Curves - These Tools Helps in adjustment of colors and highlights. In this tool you will see a line. This line helps in photo Editing If you Push the line upwards then the lights of photo Increased And If you push the line downwards then the lights of photo decreased 

               These are sample images 

And This Picture are in Low Quality If you Want To Download Background In High quality click on the download button which given below 

How To Download These Backgrounds 

📌 Firstly Scroll Down The Page 

📌 After This You Will See the Download Button 

📌 In Next Step Click on Download Button 

📌 New Interface Will Appear 

📌 Finally Your Background are opened 

📌 Download all backgrounds and enjoy it 


You can use these backgrounds for photo editing but if you want to use these backgrounds in your YouTube channel or website. It is necessary to give credit to me mention my website in your YouTube channel description. If you don't give me credit then I will nothing to do 😀 Use these backgrounds everywhere it's your choice to give credit or not 



How to apply real cb editing effect in photo 

▶ Firstly Open Photo In Picsart Then Go to the draw icon 
▶ Then new interface will appear now in next step click on the colour icon 
▶ After this select any color for your shirt and it is necessary you have black shirt in photo 
▶ Adjust brush size on the basis of size of photo 
▶ Now apply color on your shirt carefully.
▶And Now click on the three boxes icon which present in the corner 
▶ Change Settings on the box icon 
Select overlay option 

Finally cb effect automatically applied to your t shirt 

Thanks For Visiting In My Website 

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